2016 Favourites - General

It's been really great to look back over my work from 2016. Doing a job where the work you produce is subjective means that sometimes you get caught up focusing on a nagging wee voice that tells you you're not good enough. Taking a step back and looking at my work from 2016 as a whole, I can say that I'm really proud of myself, that I've worked bloody hard and I'm really excited for this year and all the amazing projects and people I will encounter.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, I couldn't do it without those who pose for me, collaborate with me, recommend me, hire me or even give me a kick up the arse when I need it!

I am so unbelievably lucky to do something I love so much and to work with such talented people that I admire, I enjoyed every portrait, every wedding, just every single thing I did in 2016 and I can't wait to see who and what 2017 brings my way! I had a really great year with work, so many amazing collaborations and opportunities, some of which I haven't shared yet but will be sharing soon. 

So here are just a few of my 2016 favourites, enjoy!

As Others See Us

I began this project after an incredibly tough year, possibly the most difficult of my life so far. I became a mother for the second time, my appearance changed dramatically and I was trying to balance motherhood, very little sleep with my attempts to earn money and create some semblance of a career for myself. 

I've always been connected to the female experience, not just my female experience but the diversity of the female experience and what connects those experiences.  

Social media has changed a lot for women, we share more and in doing that we choose what we share more and of course that means also choosing what we do not share. I became acutely aware of this after a particularly difficult period and possibly an encounter with some form of post-natal depression. I looked back over my many posts and I realised that what I was putting out there was doing a disservice to women, mothers and therefore of course myself. My kids laughing, being clumsy, silly things they said, us together being highly functional (hill walking, cooking healthy food, having a picnic) as a family. Those things happened of course but what was not represented was the crying (so much crying!) and shouting, the total desperation I felt and expressed on a daily basis, the kids needing more than I could give them (their needs felt overwhelming at points) my marriage taking a beating, my eating habits, my appearance...

The disparity between what I chose to share and what I chose to keep private got me thinking about the numerous (and well discussed) pressures women feel. Pressures from many, many angles and pressures that affect our behaviour often without us even knowing it. It's simple, for me, as a woman, I often feel pressure to perform. I wanted to explore these pressures in a simple way, a way that was accessible in both concept and execution. My thoughts immediately settled on appearance, something I myself feel constant pressure to regulate, as do most women out there.  

So, the concept is simple, no makeup, natural hair and natural light. I feel I should make clear that I am not advocating being makeup free over wearing makeup, I love to wear makeup and take pleasure in the art of applying it. This is not a statement for or against makeup but a simple exploration of 'performance' and the pressures on women to perform. All women. 

Many women have already volunteered their precious time and beautiful faces to be part of this project which I have titled 'As Others See Us' after the Robert Burns quote 'O wad some pow'r the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us'. 

You can see the portraits from this series so far here

If you are in or near Edinburgh and would like to take part in this portrait series, please do get in touch and I love to hear thoughts on this project, good or bad. 

Thank you, 


A week of reveals for Stewart Christie!

Every day this week myself and Stewart Christie have revealed three new images which showcase a new piece from their ladies collection. Shot in the historic Queen Street Gardens in Edinburgh (close to the historic Stewart Christie shop on Queen Street), all naturally lit, these were fun to create and it's been great seeing such a positive reaction to the pieces and the images. You can see all of the images from our week of reveals below and check out the Stewart Christie Instagram for more details on each of the new pieces plus it's also looking really quite gorgeous. Very excited to shoot the next pieces from the new collection next week, bring on beaches, capes and vintage bikes and all with the same amazing team! 

Model// Tabitha Edith Stevens - Hair and Makeup// Mairi Gordon - Styling// Vixy Rae

New work for Stewart Christie - Ladies Collection - Sneak Peek!

Straight after our rather exciting encounter with Mr. Sam Heughan, we went straight back to work photographing the Stewart Christie ladies' collection.  Really wonderful team on this and I love these images! More to come soon. 

'Stewart Christie 'Tabitha's Journal'
~Stewart Christie Ladies Collections~
We start by introducing our Torphin Skirt. Elegantly modelled by Tabitha, this classic all-rounder is a go to skirt that can be dressed for any occasion. With a pleat to the front and back allowing for movement, the Torphin skirt also proves both functional and easy to wear. Available as part of our ladieswear made to measure service in a cloth of your choice, this skirt will take you from the office to a Sunday afternoon country walk - never losing out on style or comfort. We offer our Stewart Christie Cashmere range of twin sets adorned on our model in 19 rich colours to match any fine Scottish tweeds.'

Photographer// Kristie De Garis
Model// Tabitha Stevens
Hair and Makeup// Mairi Gordon
Styling// Vixy Rae

All Garments & Designs by Stewart Christie & Co

It was a verra good day indeed.

Late last week I found myself in the verra fortunate position of photographing Mr. Sam Heughan who plays Jamie Fraser in award winning Starz TV show, Outlander. I've long been a fan of the books and loved the first season of the TV show so it was pretty great to meet one of the main actors in person. The story lines that have been tackled are sometimes very difficult and I'm genuinely impressed with the team behind Outlander for facing them head on and casting actors capable of doing them justice. #bigfan

Sam was being measured for a bespoke suit by Dan Fearn and Vixy Rae (owners and designers at Stewart Christie) that he would wear for future red carpet engagements. Sam is about to embark on a world press tour so we were lucky to grab some time with him before he left for Japan. Vixy will be hand delivering the finished three piece tweed suit to Sam during NYC Tartan Week where Sam has been chosen to be Grand Marshal of the 2016 New York Tartan Day Parade. For info on the parade and events please visit the linked website or the NYC Tartan Week Twitter or facebook. Stewart Christie have an interview with Sam up on their blog right now too. 

My first thought upon meeting Mr. Heughan was 'Do we have a step ladder?' because at 6,3 he is quite a tall laddie. I love that Outlander is partially set around the time that Stewart Christie was established (1720) and seeing 'Jamie Fraser'  walking into this shop was pretty fantastic. Except this time a tshirt, jeans and leather jacket in place of the eight feet of tartan.

Sam was very chatty, easy to talk to and easy to work with. All in all a great day with a lovely guy who was very helpful, very humble and very photogenic. Stewart Christie team were fantastic as always. 

Below are some Images from the day. 

Lucy Campbell Stationery Series

Artist Lucy Campbell has produced a new line of notebooks from her beautiful paintings. I really enjoyed shooting these, Lucy's work is so inspiring and the colours and the strong connection to nature were something I really wanted to capture in my images.  I shot them using the natural light available to me, as well as some lovely natural props that were in the area. The more wintry images were shot in the woods and I enjoyed finding well placed beams of golden evening light to work with.  Altogether this was just a really lovely project to work on.

You can see some of my work for Lucy below. 

Stewart Christie - Scotland's Oldest Bespoke Tailors

I have been working regularly for Stewart Christie, Scotland's oldest bespoke tailors. They have a rich history reaching back to the 1700s and are proud supporters of British designers and British made products. I look forward to our future projects, it's a pleasure to work with such supportive, creative people. 

The website was launched in late 2015 and you can see a lot of my work there. Below you can see some that is not included on the website, including a double page spread recently published in George Goldsmith's annual magazine. 


Joanne and Tom's Wedding at Comrie Croft

Comrie Croft is a venue in Perthshire, a place for friends and family to gather in a relaxed woodland setting. 

Joanne and Tom were one of the most laid back couples I've ever worked with. When we arrived at Comrie we found them among friends. Everyone was pitching in, decorating, cooking food for the arriving guests, chatting with old and new friends, it was completely relaxed, friendly and warm which would be the tone for the entire day. 

You can see some photos from their day below. 

(photos by myself and my assistant Greg Abramowicz)


Update - Baby + Space

My daughter Penelope was born on the 1st June 2015 after a wonderful homebirth. It's been a hectic 6 weeks (today!) and we're all tired but completely in love with our new addition. Have only found a few moments to work on some images, not new images but edits of old ones. 

I've been using the wonderful Hubble image database to create some digital double exposures, you can see some examples below. 

Recent press cuttings.

Really nice to see my images out and about around the internet, promoting Idlewild's new tour. 

You can find more here, on Idlewild's Instagram, on their pledge music page in The Press and Journal and The Skinny. Below are some screenshots of my work from other websites. Too many to post but not one credit between them. Despite that little detail, I'm still very pleased to see my work being used. 


When I was in my first year of university, I listened to one album a lot 'The Remote Part' by Idlewild. It really was the soundtrack to the ups and downs of being away from home for the first time, that and the howling winds of Aberdeen. 

I was very happy to recently work with Idlewild (2014 lineup) on some promo shots. We shot at Studio 128 on Pitt Street which is probably my favourite space to work at in Edinburgh. Couldn't have hoped for a nicer bunch of guys and I can't wait to hear their new album, perhaps the soundtrack to my 2015? You can see some more images here.

Vidal Sassoon

I recently shot some images for Vidal Sassoon (Edinburgh) and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them., they have a friendly, focussed and creative team. We booked Meow Studios (Causewayside, Edinburgh) for the shoot, they have a basic space but not bad for the money. The three flights of stairs seem more like 400 when carrying equipment though. I am really enjoying editing to black and white right now and I think it works especially well with these images. You can see the rest here